Saturday, August 25, 2012

That was Painless

It is Saturday evening and I am reflecting on this past week. I find myself looking back and laughing at myself. Before the week begun I was feeling so overwhelmed and was doubting our decision to homeschool. I admit, I definitely made a mountain out of a mole hill.

The week went by quickly and each day was a learning process. The first couple of days we mainly focused on LA (Language Arts) and Math. As we got comfortable we added in a little Social Studies. Next week if all goes well we will add Science. I am enjoying my time with the kids. We are trying to work out a system so that we have the least amount of interruptions as possible. But, I am not sure that is conceivable with an almost 3 yo (year old) running around. We stayed on schedule, completed everything we had planned and I was able to do some baking in between.

From what I can tell the kids like being homeschooled. Thursday morning I was shocked when I came into the living room and the kids were all sitting there patiently waiting for me and my son had the ipad waiting for our morning reading of the Bible. Hold on a minute though, the kids also completed all of their morning chores and I did not have to say one word to remind them. I was ecstatic. I reinforced their wonderful behavior with praise and thanked them for being responsible. Crossing my fingers they keep this up.

I belong to a couple of homeschooling groups on Facebook and am grateful for their support and the amount of resources that the groups' leaders and members share with one another. I am by no means alone in my adventure. There is someone else out there that has the same shoes on as I and is walking the same path. It is comforting to know that I am not alone. Thank you to these groups for giving me ideas to keep the little one busy. It certainly did help.

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