Monday, August 13, 2012

Making the Right Choice

First off, for anyone who is thinking about homeschooling, check with your State Department of Education. Each State has it's own set of rules and guidelines to follow. You can also find many resources out there to help you decide what the proper path is for you to take.

We have decided to give homeschooling a try. With that decision comes a million more decisions. In California we have a variety of options when it comes to home schooling. Since I am new to this myself, I will not make any claim as to knowing all the facts. When I began my research I came across California Homeschool Network and was thankful to find out a lot of what I need to get me going. I mentioned options earlier and there are a few to choose from. Reading over Just the Facts will give you a much better understanding.

We chose Option 3-Public School ISP or Charter Schools. This is still a public school and it is funded by the State of California. With this option, we are provided with all of our books and materials needed, we are still subjected to the STAR Testing and we are required to meet the California Department of Education guidelines. The only difference for us is we teach and learn at home. This is the choice that I felt would be best for our family. That doesn't mean it would be right for yours. This is a very personal decision that is made and while others may not agree with my choice, it is just that, my choice. We are just in the beginning stages of our homeschooling adventure and later on my choice may change. Right here, right now, this is what we are doing.

"Why take your child out of a public school to put them into another public school?" This is a popular question I am asked. I believe that there are to many children and not enough teachers in your tradition school. By utilizing a charter school, my family is assigned to a teach that is available to provide any support we need. We meet with this teacher once a month to turn in assignments and to get next month's lesson plan. My son requires more one on one attention when learning and I am able to provide that to him by homeschooling. I am also able to control the outside influence that my children are exposed to. Both of my children have been bullied and I am not going to allow that to happen again. I am not against our school system, I just don't like what I am seeing and it is my responsibility as a parent to put my children and their needs first.

Homeschooling is done for many reason. If you are curious about homeschooling, ask questions, keep an open mind and never judge.

This is the first in a series of posting to come regarding Children and Education. I am not an expert, just a parent trying to do my part.

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