Saturday, October 27, 2012

The Only Constant is Change

Get up, eat breakfast, get dressed and start school work by 8:30a. After school work was complete, I am completely exhausted and barely have enough energy to throw something together for dinner. Focusing solely on homeschooling in attempt to do all I could without perceiving myself as a failure, I forgot about everything else. Basketball season has arrived and with it comes the run here for practice and run here for a game cycle.

What is the mom to do? SCHEDULE, SCHEDULE and more SCHEDULE. I have seen schedules that are planned down to the minute. Not ours. Our schedule is in 30 minute increments and consists of grouping. Example, 7:00-7:30 eat breakfast, get dressed, brush teeth. My decision to utilize grouping is to provide the child with a couple of things to do within a specific time frame while allowing him/her the choice to which they want to complete first and it provides each child with a little lee way. Chores are completed prior to starting school work and after school work is complete.

In the morning, there is NO TV time for the children. TV in the morning causes the children to become distracted and behind schedule. Behind schedule, is not what we want. Our schedule has been in place for two weeks. Not a lot of time, though you can see the difference and impact scheduling has made in our day to day life. For ideas on creating a schedule, search daily schedules in your search engine. There are many, find one that best suits your needs or create your own.

Having a schedule is a tool in managing your daily life. Will everyday go directly according to schedule? NO! Will you make changes to your schedule? Definitely! The only constant in life that is guaranteed, is change. We will always have change. Some good, some bad. The trick is to accept the change and make it work for you.

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