Friday, October 26, 2012

Alligator Tutorial

The Alligator was iced using a technique called Wet on Wet. This term is used to describe the process of adding icing of a different color onto icing that is already wet or hasn't hardened yet. The Wet on Wet technique is fun to work with. My tip to you, work quickly and do not over fill your cookie. Otherwise, overfilling the cookie will cause a "run over" as the new icing is being added onto the existing wet icing.  Causing dispersion in the initial icing. Applying wet on wet allows the second color to 'fall' into the first color leaving a smooth surface and leaving many to wonder, just how you did it.

This cookies has air dried over night. I like to brush off the cookie using a basting brush to remove any extra flour.

I outlined using the primary color of the alligator utilizing a #2 tip.

Now, I flood the cookie. Adding icing over 95% of the cookie. 95%? I know it sounds a little weird even to me. You don't want to cover the entire cookie. The incing will begin to settle and fill in the gaps as if falls into place. You can assist the icing falling into place by gently shaking the cookie from side to side.

For that 5% not covered, use a wooden skewer to pull the icing to the edges. Shake lightly to ensure a smooth surface.

Moving quickly before the first icing starts to dry, begin with adding the eye by placing a small blob of icing where you want the eye. Next, continue to place small dots of icing in the pattern you want. These dots were  created using a #0 tip.

At this point the cookie needs to air dry for about 8 hours. I typically dry the cookies overnight. 

With a #0 tip and icing that is a little stiff, begin making your little "stitch marks" around the alligator.

Lastly add the final touch of color to the top of the alligator. The cookie should be allowed to dry 8 hours or more before being packaged.

I hope that this tutorial helps you along in your cookie adventure.

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