Saturday, October 20, 2012

Happy Halloween

Halloween is almost here. The outside of the house has been decorated and costumes have been purchased. We have been invited to attend two Halloween parties this year. We are looking forward to both. One of the parties we will be attending is a Zombie party. The hubby and I chose to go with the Zombie theme while the kids chose whatever they wanted. Miss D has selected to be a Purple Witch, while Miss C had decided to be a "girly" football player. Mr C has chosen to be our local Ghostbuster and I am Zombie Cheerleader. As for Mr P he is being creative. Mr P purchased a suit for the local Goodwill. He had been working hard at find different ways to give his suit that dead look. So far his suit has been cut with scissors, slashed with a razor knife, buttons have been pulled off and rubbed continuously on the asphalt to give it the worn and beat up look. I believe at one point the kids where dragging the suit across the grass. Hubby has some great ideas to complete his Zombie look. He will be finishing it this week.

Do you celebrate Halloween? Do you dress up?

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