Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Take A Break

During a recent tutoring session with our paraeducator, I mentioned how frustrated I was becoming with homeschooling and what seemed like a never ending battle. Mrs L mentioned that it is OK to take a break and have a couple of days off to regroup. I politely responded with "that sounds like a good idea." All the meanwhile I was thinking to myself, NO we can't take a break. We will just get further behind and then we will constantly be playing catch up to keep us on schedule. That was on a Wednesday.

Friday morning comes along and I awake feeling sick, sore throat and heavily congested. I just could not believe it, here I was sick with no energy and not up to teaching. I managed to complete our lessons for Friday. Saturday was spent on the couch hoping to get better. Sunday comes along and I stayed in bed all day. Nothing got done. Sunday is my prepare for the week day and guess what? Nope, that didn't get done either. Learning from previous weeks.... I am not a jump in and wing it type gal when it comes to teaching. I need my lesson plans ready to go Monday morning, otherwise, the week starts off on a bad note.

Not having any lessons prepared for the week I agreed we would take Monday off and I could use Monday to prepare lessons for the rest of the week. Praying to get better each day and I seemed to only get worse. Then, it dawned on me, the light bulb goes off in my head. Here I was at my last straw and was given the suggestion to take a break. Did I listen? No! Instead of voluntarily taking a couple of days off to regroup, I get sick and am forced to take time off. Coincidence?  Not at all.

I have been praying for days and weeks asking GOD to help me and point me in the correct direction. He was telling me what to do all along and I was missing what it was he wanted me to do. Funny how something can be so black and white, yet, grey. I looked up and said, "I get it now. I hear you." GOD was telling me it was OK to take a break and regroup. Once I "got it", I felt so much better and was able to focus on having some fun time with the kids.

I decided to give us the entire week off. The kids and I hung out for the week and even took a trip to Adventure City in Buena Park, Ca. We had a fabulous time. It was great to see them smiling and enjoying themselves. I felt so replenished and ready to take on the world again. We were once again back on track.
The following week went absolutely wonderful. Mr C had a couple of minor meltdowns, but we were able to quickly move past them. Both of the kids were able to stay on task and got along pretty well. It was a great week and it reminder me of all the positives that come from homeschooling.

Many homeschool for the flexibility and I feel that many moms that are new to homeschooling get so overwhelmed that they forget that. We forget that we don't have to stick to a conventional schedule. So if you are new to homeschooling and are feeling a little overwhelmed, take a couple of days off and not think about it. Clear you mind and enjoy enjoy some fun time with the kids. Remember, If mom is happy, everyone is happy.

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