Sunday, September 9, 2012

Rest of the list or put your feet up and rest?

Sunday, a day of rest. I need to reevaluate that statement. Interpreted as a day where you relax and don't have anything on your to do list. Or it's a day to get done everything left over on your to do list from the previous week. I attempt to split the day into both. Mornings, I do housework and a bit of yard work. Evenings are usually spent relaxing with the kids watching TV. But lately, Sundays are being spent on lesson plans. Yes, I said lesson plans. Planning an entire week of lessons, multiple subjects, multiple grades and three children.

Lesson plans take forever. At least in my house. Update weekly schedule so no appointments are missed and classes are scheduled. Time is important and so is time management. Checking all subjects for Mr. C and Miss C to locate any topics, subjects or themes that can be taught together and plan accordingly. Read TE (Teacher's Edition) text for LA (Language Arts) for both children and plan reading, writing, workbook, computer and discussions for the week. Math is generally easiest to plan as it is mostly review at the moment. We have incorporated SS (Social Studies) for both, with Mr. C learning about California Communities and Miss C is studying Ancient Civilization. I loved Ancient Civilization when I was younger. We have received our Science workbooks and we're ready to begin. We were also given a lab book filled with experiments. These are going to be scheduled for the weekends when dad is available to assist us.

Block classes begin for Mr. C and Miss C this week. Block classes are classes for the kids to attend class with students from their grade and another grade while working on assignments and projects in various subjects. Mr. C's block is 2/3 (Second and third graders). Miss C's block is 5/6 (Fifth and sixth graders). Miss C will also be attending Spanish. This is all new to us and we will continually evaluate and determine if this will remain on our schedules. On a side note, Target is across the street from where the classes are located and that means "Retail Therapy" for me while the kids are in class.

As for Miss D, planning for her can be a little harder. I have to plan her lessons around what the others are doing. If Miss D is going to need lots of assistance with her assignment then I need to make sure the other two are working on something independently and vise versa. Miss D's assignments can consist of pre-writing practice sheets, coloring, sorting pom poms by color, scissor practice, painting and Play-Doh. All the mean while I need to have a back up plan in case she decides she wants to work on something else. I have more website for preschool activities/work than I know what to do with. Sometimes, too many resources can be overwhelming.

Last Sunday I spent about 5 hours on lesson plans. I am sure I was over thinking it all. Hope today won't take as long. I am a big football fan and today is the first Sunday games of the season. We recently switched to DirecTv in order to see all the games. My Cowboys played the other night but I still want to catch a few games. The "Rest of my to do list" from last week has just a few items which should only take a short time to complete. Off I go to start the day.

Cheers to a beautiful day. How do you spend your Sundays?

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