Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Jingit and earn yourself some money!

Jingit - Watch ads. Take surveys. Earn cash instantly. The best brands pay for your time.

Jingit is a great way to earn a couple of extra bucks each week watching ads via the Jingit website, Jingit app for your smart phone or Walmart's website. Jingit has also partnered up with Walmart to allow Jingit users to do "check ins" at Walmart using the Jingit Mobile App. Check ins vary in payment price, I have seen $0.25-$2. Check ins are done using your smartphone that has a camera on it and scanning bar codes of specific items.

Quick and easy way to earn a few extra dollars each week. You can use the money you earn to purchase music or you can order your very own Jingit Debit Card. Money is loaded instantly to your Jingit debit card with just a click of a button. Being on a tight budget as a one income family, money I earn from Jingit is my play money. Which is currently being used to feed my cookie cutter addiction.

What will you spend your money on.

Please use this link if you decide to sign up.


  1. ohh this site is great!!!...I am already grabbing some Christmas gifts with my money!!

  2. I love Jingit! best part for me is that you don't have to have a smart phone for it! just be able to get a text message while signing up and then you can watch all the videos from a regular PC. so easy and very very real :-)

  3. I love Jingit!! I have been able to buy a lot of little extras since I started doing it. Really really love it!!!

  4. this is the easiest way i have ever earned money...a couple of minutes a day is all it takes.

  5. Jingit is AMAZING. You can earn up to 15$ a week just for watching a few ads, and doing check-ins at Wal-Mart when you are already grocery shopping!!! The extra money I make from jingit really helps me out with my necessities. Plus, it goes straight onto a debit card so you don't have to worry about having a paypal or needing to put in your bank account information :D