Friday, April 20, 2012

Success or was it Luck? Update on Potty Training

 I would have been back sooner to update, if I had had anything to update you on. Three days and almost nothing. She is loving the Pull-ups and is excited to be wearing them. But I get the feeling that her excitement stops there.

No more timer. Call me crazy. I prefer randomly asking her if she needs to use the restroom. Since our last post on Patty Training, I have been very consistent and making sure that my little one is attempting and thankfully she has been a great sport and no tantrums or meltdowns. That there is some success. Yesterday mid-morning I hear "I made potty." Reflecting on that moment, I laugh at the excitement that rushed through this house. Someone passing by would have thought we won the Lottery.  No repeat performances that day.

I will take it as luck and success. Right time, right place and our goal was met. Patience and perseverance pays off. What is right for one may not be right for another. Focus on achieving the goal at hand rather than focusing on a "game plan" that you think you "have to follow." Potty training is teaching me to be flexible.Trying different methods until I find one that works for both my daughter and myself.

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